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The following activities are typical for a days activities.

  Each station lasting approximately 45 minutes.

Gold Panning:

Students learn the role that precious metal played in the settling of Arizona.  Students are given the opportunity to pan for real gold and each student leaves with a souvenir of their gold panning experience.

Cattle Ranching:

Students learn about ranching and its role in Arizona history.  Cattle brands and how to brand horses. They are shown lariats and how to rope. These are some of the topics covered.


The Dons host a Discovery Camp for Arizona fourth graders.  Discovery Camp is a one day field trip in the Superstition Mountain wilderness area located at the Dons Base Camp.  The content is aligned with Arizona Fourth Grade Social Studies curriculum.  There is no charge to the schools to attend Discovery Camp.  Everything is included.  Students must bring their own lunch.  Juice is provided by the Dons.  

Groups of students move through five stations plus a presentation at lunch by the Tonto National Forest.


Sonoran Desert Hike:

During a 45 minute hike the students discover uncommon facts about desert plants and animals.  They also learn how ancient people survived in the desert.

Hohokam Rock Art:

Students are introduced to local petroglyph symbols by a docent. Students then create their own petroglyph to take home.

Birds of Pray, Reptiles & Mammals: 

Students are introduced to some desert animals by a representative of Liberty Wildlife, a wildlife rescue organization.