Small  Ramada

  • 50 person capacity 
  • Stone benches around perimeter
  • Covered open air space

Open Air Amphitheater

  • 1500 person capacity 
  • Great acoustics speaker can be heard from stage without microphone.

​​Dons Base Camp Rental can be used for a variety of events: education programs weddings . boy scouts, 4H, church functions, gatherings and workshops!

Dons Base Camp Rental 

Outdoor prep/service area

Great multi-use space

  • 15 person kitchen capacity 
  • 50+ serving capacity 
  • prep table 
  • built in wood/charcoal flat top 


  • Large overnight parking 
  • Overnight Camping 
  • Hiking trails 
  • Wild Life Viewings
  • Fully enclosed restrooms with concrete floors(Men's:5 stalls and 2 urinals) (women's: 8 stalls)
  • Must carry in water 
  • No Electricity 

Large Ramada

Great multi-use space

  • 150 person capacity 
  • Large Fire pit 
  • Covered with partial brick walls

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Dates requesting and purpose of the event

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